Living with Schizoid Personality disorder SPD

Your research paper should include the following:
a. A title page
b. A well-developed thesis statement that aIDresses a concisely worded essential
question about a psychological concept of your choice.
c. A summary analysis of various authors? perspectives concerning the central question or
d. Your own perspective based on your application of these ideas within the dynamic
environments of college, career, and life.
e. Appropriate citation style (in-text) and reference page according to the conventions of
the American Psychological Association (APA). You will need to cite from at least four
different sources: course textbook, an online database from the Virtual Library, one
journal, and one source of your choice. No more than four direct quotes and no quotes
longer than three lines (no block quotes).
6. This paper is to be a minimum of three to four pages, typed, and double-spaced. It should
conform to all APA citation and paper format rules

I. Topic #1 (Background ? How can this issue be applied to daily life?)
1. Positive aspects of living with SPD
2. Negative aspects of living with SPD

II. Topic #2 (How does this issue relate to the workplace?)
1. Career preferences of those living with SPD
2. How the symptoms of SPD affect a person?s ability to do their job.

III. Topic #3 (How does your topic help influence workplace interactions and behaviors?)
1. Overcoming the urges of SPD
2. Managing the politics of the work place with SPD

IV. Topic #4 (How can a greater understanding of your topic help to motivate employees and create a workplace environment that promotes health and well-being?)
1. What your coworkers should know about SPD
2. Overcoming SPD with help from coworkers
V. Conclusion

?My formula for living is quite simple. I get up in the morning and I go to bed at night. In between, I occupy myself as best I can.? These words from actor carry grant resonate with a lot of people, because they are simple yet deep at the same time. Most people go through life doing the best they can with the hand they are dealt, but for some members of society life is not so simple. For people like myself who live with Schizoid Personality Disorder (SPD) life can be hard, our methods of occupying ourselves are unconventional at best and can lead to a life many would consider wasted. With this essay I will explore the daily life and work environment of people living with SPD. I will touch on the positive and negative aspects as well as how these aspects influence a person at work as well as his, or her work environment and relationship with coworkers. I will also discuss ways a person with SPD can overcome their symptoms and help others understand the SPD lifestyle in order to live a more balanced life.

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