Leadership and Strategic Communication

CMST 439 Leadership and Strategic Communication

Textbook: The Leadership Challenge by Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner

Research Article Review Assignment

Find a research article about some topic related to LEADERSHIP. I define LEADERSHIP very broadly. Read it and write a review.

The article must be a research article of some type. Typically research articles are found in academic journals (not popular magazines) or are papers from academic conventions like the Western States Communication Association or the Northwest Communication Association. Do NOT look only at communication journals; there are many academic disciplines that have very good journals that will explore concepts we cover in class.

Follow the following format. Each of the sections in all CAPS below should have that word as a section heading.

PURPOSE: State the purpose of the article in a short paragraph or two.

RATIONALE: Why the author(s) thought that this was an important area to study. If they did not say why, report that and tell what you think. This should take a paragraph or two to cover.

PROCEDURE or PROCESS: How the study was conducted. This should take a paragraph or two to cover.

METHODOLOGY: A brief description of the methods used to collect and analyze the data. These might be interviews or focus groups or statistical procedures such as analysis of variance or regression analysis. You may not understand all of this section, but you should try your best. This should take a paragraph or two or three to cover.

RESULTS: A paragraph or two or three stating what the results of the study were.

CONCLUSION: What the author concluded, summarized or quoted in a paragraph or two. It is often helpful to bullet and or quote the author in this section.

DISCUSSION: Here is where you elaborate and give your opinions. Make sure you justify your opinions with good evidence. This section should be at least one page long. This is the MOST IMPORTANT section of this assignment.

Other important items that you should consider are:

· Use APA writing style.

· A complete citation of your article must be included at the top of your paper. In addition, state where you found it. Put the library call numbers or the URL if it is a web-based source. If it is a personal copy or one that you got from another source, please indicate that information.

If it is not a research article, I will ask you to do it again.