Journal #3


1.Identify one form of trauma that you feel would make it difficult for you to tolerate or ‘bear witness to’ in your role as a social worker. Forms are trauma include but are not limited to: assault, domestic violence, exposure to war, genocide, natural or man-made disasters, etc.

 2.What effect/s could trauma work in your role as a social worker have on you and on your life? 

3.What resources (internal and external) are available to you that can help you prevent ‘vicarious traumatization’ and/or burnout? 

4.Identify any obstacles that you might encounter in using these resources and how you will plan to address these obstacles. 

*I would like for the topic to be on Domestic Violence on Women

*This Journal needs to be 4pgs long

*Cite References

*Please follow the instructions and answer all questions in order.

*This Journal is due September 30, 2018 @ 12:oo noon

*I need a Plagiarism note