Issues for islam today using one media article.


Choose a daily full-scale newspaper (e.g. New York Times) or weekly national news magazine (e.g. Time, Newsweek) with a publication date of some time in the last six months. Find an article (ONE ARTICLE ONLY) that has to do with Islamic political or religious issues today. The article should be at least 500 words long. Follow the instructions and answer the questions listed below in your paper:

In the first paragraph, as part of the introduction, you should mention the article title and which newspaper or magazine it came from plus the date.
In your paper body, begin with summarizing the events of the article briefly by quoting pertinent passages.
Next, tell how the current issue relates to what you have read historically from chapters 1, 2, 3, 7, 8 & 9 in the textbook. Use the book and quote pertinent passages from the chapters directly also.
Are there any direct parallels or historical events described in the text that contributed to the issue today?
Write the paper in a comparative mode to explain those parallels and historical background (go back and forth between the article and the text).
Finish by giving your opinion of the issue today. Are there any solutions that you see?
Be sure to include the full URL in your paper’s bibliography section so that by copying it into a browser, your article comes up directly. Please refer to the paper sample in the syllabus and the paper grading rubric for grading criteria before you submit your work. All general paper guidelines apply as given below:
Paper Guidelines: