Invisibility of Nursing

Invisibility of Nursing Paper Assignment Details

Write a 3-5 page APA formatted paper on your exploration of the “invisibility of nursing” phenomenon, using the article identified here:

Rezaei-Adaryani, M., Salsali, M., & Mohammadi, E. (2012). Nursing image: An evolutionary concept analysis. Contemporary Nurse: A Journal for the Australian Nursing Profession, 43(1), 81-89. doi:10.5172/conu.2012.43.1.81

Discuss nursing documentation as it relates to patient discharge abstracts and the identification of nursing sensitive outcomes. Explore the process for developing standards and the role of the American Nurses Association in promoting standardized terminologies. What are some of the issues surrounding the use of standardized terminologies? What are some of the benefits? Explore the International Health Terminology Standards Development Organization (IHTSDO).Discuss the focus of development and adoption of standard clinical terminology and how this information may be of value to an informatics nurse. Be sure to use at least 5 references to support your work, in addition to the following:

Werley, H. H., Devine, E. C., Zorn, C. R., and Westra, B. L. (1991). The nursing minimum data set: abstraction tool for standardized, comparable, essential data. The American Journal of Public Health, 81(4), 421-426

(Search the CINAHL database for the article on the nursing minimum data set in the Hondros Online Library.)

Criteria                                                                              Possible Score      Student Score 
1.  Provide an introductory paragraph, summarizing the phenomenon identified as the invisibility of nursing           12 
2. Discuss the development and promotion of standards, standardized terminologies 12 
3. Include benefits, challenges of using standardized terminologies as related to creating a stronger visibility of nursing     18 
4. Analyze the potential value of standardization to informatics nurses 18 
5. Cite at least five scholarly resources      15 
6. Writing skills- grammar, spelling, format, APA citations, maximum 5 pages 15 
Possible Score          90

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