Identifying Information

Raban King is a 45 male adult married with three children. He lives in Allston, Boston and his phone number is +1 845-892-3344. Raban is a substance abuse social worker working with the Avernus Rehabilitation Center which a not-for-profit organization that helps members of community suffering from any form of substance abuse to overcome the addiction. The Avernus Rehabilitation Center contact are +1 615-615-9090 and +1 615-655- 3939. Raban is scheduled to be interviewed on the 25th of May 2020 to determine whether he is a suitable candidate for participation in a summer mission’s trip in a very challenging environment.

Reason for Referral

Raban was referred to me for evaluation by the mission’s board for further consultation. The mission’s board found Raban eligible for the summer mission’s trip that is expected to take place in a very challenging environment and they believe his type of work and personality can help him push through with the mission.

Current Situation and Functioning

From the information obtained from Raban, he is a substance abuse social worker and has been in the career for twelve years. He claims he is passionate about substance abuse and his desire is to help as many people to overcome the challenge and make a positive transition. He further claims that his typical day is spent either in the field seeking and collecting substance abuse victims or in the facility offering assistance and treatment to those already admitted. He spends the day counselling them and also making sure they take their medication and feed properly. On some occasional, he has to travel far and wide after receiving information about substance abuse victims so as to carry them using facility vans to the center.

Raban claims that due to his great passion, he has the ability to accomplish his daily tasks within the stipulated time. From assessment made, he has high coping skills since he is calm, patient, and humble. Also, despite being put through uncomfortable situations, he appeared sensitive and emotionally balanced. Also, it is evident that he has a high problem-solving and conflict resolution abilities from the many situations and cases he has faced in his line of duty and compelled to handle them. He also appears empathic, cooperative, and good manager of stress. One of the main weaknesses noted is that he rarely speaks and he seemed to agree with a lot of things a personality that appears easy to manipulate. Nevertheless, he has a main strength in the sense that whenever he set out to do something, he pushes through with it no matter how hard.

Relevant Medical History

According to Raban, there is no major illness or injury that he has ever suffered from or he is suffering from and physically he appears strong. He is not on medication and does not have any form of disability. He only has one brother and two sisters who are all healthy and his parents do not also suffer from any major ailment.

Psychiatric Treatment History

Raban claims that ever since leaving university, he has been committed at helping people with substance abuse that have further developed to mental challenge and this made him to take good care of his mental health. There is no record of psychiatric and substance abuse disorders even his close family members.

Family History

Raban King come from a complete family and the parents he consider and terms them as strict disciplinarians who have always been there for their children and making sure that children are on their best behavior and well provided for. The two parents were career people where his mother was a high school teacher while his father is an accountant. His brother and two sisters are currently working and his brother resides in New York and he is a successful business man, one of the sisters is married and resides in Boston with her family while as the other sister lives in Australia where she lives with her family and she works as a nurse. When he was a child, Raban was brought up in a normal family setting and he went through all levels of learning. He was allowed to have social relationships especially with friends who the parents found suitable and of good influence to him as on numerous occasions, the parents could advise him on friend to avoid. The feeling of togetherness that the family has shared and gotten used to is the same that keeps Raban’s extended and nuclear family ties strong and reliable.

Social and Developmental History

The current good working situation that Raban has is contributed by a good and reliable family that he is bringing up as well as the social circles that he keeps. It is evident that Raban is sensitive when it comes to choosing friends as he ensures that he keeps friends of positive influence. Secondly, Raban engages in physical exercises in the gym and also in different sport clubs where he is a member. This is in collaboration with quality academic background and the series of activities that he takes part in on a daily basis as they act as a major motivator and inspiration for Raban.

Educational and Occupational History

Raban studied at the Brighton High School and later he joined the Massachusetts University where he pursued social work course and managed to attain a master’s degree. Since leaving university, he has worked in two different organizations for three and five years respectively. The current workplace is the third and he has lasted there for ten years and this means he has worked for eighteen years in the same career. At the current workplace, Raban works as a senior supervisor and he oversee the operations of all employees within the facility. This is making sure that all patients are fed, given medication, and engaged in the right activities that would help them recover. He is also incharge of recommending patients that have recovered and are ready for discharge. Lastly, he constantly engages the families and friends of substance abuse victims to help them run on how to cope and support the victim to avoid a relapse.

Cultural Influences

As a social worker in substance abuse specialization, Raban works with all types of people and this makes cultural influence a reality that cannot be avoided. Culture comes in the sense that there are some cultures that are not against drug use and abuse while others are against such acts. Raban operations are sometimes compromised when he tries to offer help to people who do not believe or value the importance of substance abuse rehabilitation. There are also instances that Raban faces challenges with members of public due to cultural beliefs refuses to easily accept back recovered substance abuse victims and such practices have contributed to massive relapses. For this reason, Raban has been forced to go an extra mile to counsel members of the public as well so that they can be embracive and supportive of substance abuse victims both ailing, recovering, and the recovered.