Identify the healthcare organization’s goals and objectives.

Required Readings
Harris, J. M. (2017). Healthcare strategic planning (4th ed). Chicago, IL: Health Administration Press.
Chapter 5, ” Encouraging Strategic Thinking” (pp. 83-104)
Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. (2018). What are the objectives for your health care quality report? Retrieved from…
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Optional Resources
Craig, W. (2018, November 6). 10 Leadership tips for setting goals and objectives. Forbes. Retrieved from…
World Health Organization. (2019). Global strategy on diet, physical activity and health. Retrieved from

*Must Be in APA 7 Format**** Discussion and assignment must be on two different papers****
Discussion: Goals and Objectives
In everyday conversation many people use the terms goals and objectives interchangeably. However, there is a difference between the two terms. The difference is especially important for healthcare organizations.

In this Discussion, you will refer to the healthcare organization that you selected in Week 2. You will analyze the goals and objectives for that healthcare organization, if they exist, and create them if they don’t exist. The object of this exercise is to determine how well the company’s goals and objectives align with its values, vision, and mission statements.

To prepare for this Discussion:

Review this week’s Learning Resources.
Refer to the healthcare organization you selected for the Week 2 Discussion.
Post a comprehensive response to the following:

Identify the healthcare organization’s goals and objectives. Explain the differences between the healthcare organization’s goals and objectives.
Include a link to the document or website containing the goals and objectives. Explain whether you think the goals and objectives are a meaningful part of the strategic planning process. Why or why not?
Select one of the healthcare organization’s goals or objectives that you feel may need improvement. Propose how you would revise this goal/objective.
Create an additional goal or objective for the healthcare organization. Explain why the goal or objective you created would be meaningful to guiding the healthcare organization.
Support your work with specific citations from this week’s Learning Resources and/or additional sources as appropriate. Your citations must be in APA format.

Assignment: Strategies and Tactics
Strategies and tactics are used to accomplish the goals and objectives developed earlier. Strategies state what is to be done and tactics are the specific steps to be implemented. In the following Assignment, you will look at a healthcare organization’s strategic plan and analyze the relationship between strategies and tactics.

To prepare for this Assignment:

Review this week’s Learning Resources.
State your healthcare organization’s strategic plan. If no strategic plan is available, draft a possible strategic plan for the organization. You may look into strategic plans of competing organizations to draft the possible strategic plan for your selected organization.
To prepare this Assignment, write a 2-page paper that addresses the following:

Indicate the name and type of the healthcare organization you selected.
Describe the services provided by the healthcare organization and the market the healthcare organization serves.
Identify a strategy in that healthcare organization’s strategic plan and report on (if present) or propose (if missing) one or more tactics for its implementation.
Analyze how the tactic(s) you propose or report on support the strategy. Include a rationale justifying your tactic(s).
Your written assignments must follow APA guidelines. Be sure to support your work with specific citations from this week’s Learning Resources and additional scholarly sources, as appropriate.