How would you describe the term digital footprint?

Have you been surprised or wondered how Web sites that you visit show ads that might be of special interest to you, or know what you might be interested in learning more about? Do you think that your friends, when visiting the same site, are shown the same ads or information? Have you ever had the feeling that the Web site knows your location when you did not provide that detail?

Your first task is to view the short video found here to learn about the digital footprint. When you start to watch this video about the “mind reader,” ask yourself whether you believe this person has a special gift or if there is something else behind their remarks. Also ask yourself about the type information that this mind reader could learn about you.

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Once you have completed this first task, prepare a short PowerPoint presentation of 5–6 slides. Answer the following questions in your presentation.

  • How would you describe the term digital footprint?
  • What obligations do you believe an organization has toward the digital footprint?
  • What should an individual do to protect their own digital footprint and guard against improper use?
  • Explain whether you believe this video represents computer crime. Explain your views one way or the other.

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