Hormones As Performance Enhancing Drug (Sports Related)

After completing the 5 brief reviews, students will select one of the 5 topics and focus on one area in that topic to write a critical review of literature. The subject of focus for this paper must be approved by the professor. An example of a focus and topic could include neuromuscular as the topic and lactate as a contributor to fatigue. A title could be Lactate and fatigue: a critical review of literature.The critical review will consist of:APA in-text citations and appropriate bibliography.
Title Page
Table of Contents
Introduction to the topic
Brief background and findings of previous literature, including methodology.
Results of current literature (focus on the articles assigned to the class).
Discussion of the results including how and why they differ.
Conclusions of what is currently accepted based on this literature and include your ideas for future research and what you think should be accepted.
Complete bibliography including the articles assigned and other supporting literature.
The main differences between the critical review and the brief reviews are the specific focus, the number of references, and the length (typically 10 or more pages using Times font double-spaced and 1-inch margins). Specifically, the critical review should focus around only the focus within the topic and should include as much supporting literature as needed to defend your position.

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