HIV and Social Determinants of Health

Individual essay, 1500 words (35%)

Essay topic: Compare and contrast the impact of social determinants of health on one vulnerable group in two different countries. Discuss how society has changed in these countries since the emergence of HIV/AIDS.

Choose one vulnerable group:
? Women
? Children
? Men who have sex with men (MSM)
? Sex workers
? Injecting drug users

Choose two countries:
? It is best to choose countries from two different regions of the world to make a clear comparison of the social determinants of health and the impacts on your chosen
vulnerable groups.

Choose 2 ? 3 social determinants to consider (you won?t be able to cover all of these, however many of these are interrelated):
? Discrimination, stigma and social justice
? Economics
? Gender and sexuality
? Living environment
? Health care system

The essay should build an argument that demonstrates original thinking and analysis as well as an understanding of different and diverse social and cultural perspectives. . The essay MUST have an introduction, body and conclusion.

Word limit: The word limit for the essay is 1500 words (+/- 10%). The word count includes in-text citations, but excludes the reference list. Do not use subheadings in the essay.

Referencing: In-text citations must be used and must conform to APA6 referencing conventions.

Suggested structure of the Enquiry 2 essay
Title page: The essay must include a title page listing your full name and student ID number, a title for the essay, word count and the date.

INTRODUCTION (approx. 300 words)
? Briefly summarise the nature of HIV in the two chosen countries with reference to the patterns of transmission (You should NOT discuss the physiological mechanism of the disease) for your vulnerable group.
? Include definitions of key terms to be used in the body of the essay and provide an outline of the key points to be discussed, clearly setting up the structure for the body of the essay.

BODY (approx. 900 words)
Impact of social determinants:
Should cover your understanding of the impact of your chosen social determinants of health in the context of HIV/AIDS in relation to the chosen vulnerable group in the two countries.
How society has changed:
Illustrate how society has changed in these two countries and thus adapted in response
to the presence of HIV/AIDS in relation to the chosen vulnerable group.

CONCLUSION (approx. 300 words):
Should briefly summarise the main points in the essay and draw conclusions about the impact of social determinants of health in the context of HIV/AIDS and how society has changed in response to the presence of HIV/AIDS.
No new information should be brought up in the conclusion.

Reference list:
As per APA6 requirements

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