HIPAA Training Packet

You work for ABC Hospital as the HIPAA Privacy Officer. Your organization just entered into an

articulation agreement with the local college to host internship for a variety of different

programs at the school. Per the agreement with the school, ABC Hospital is responsible for

providing HIPAA Training to students. The students will not be documenting anything

electronically but will work directly 1:1 with a workforce member at your organization. Based

on this, ABC hospital has decided to create a training packet as well as a confidentiality form to

be used with all students.

For this assignment, you are to create a 2-3 page training packet for all students at the local

college. This training packet must provide information on the HIPAA Privacy, Security, and

Breach Notification regulations. You are also to create a document to test the knowledge of

the students (such as a quiz). Lastly you must create a confidentiality agreement that will be

signed with the student to verify that they have completed training and understand the

expectations of ABC Hospital as it relates to privacy and security practices.

Example HIPAA Confidentiality Form:



1. 2-3 Page HIPAA Training Packet

a. This should high level cover the HIPAA regulations and responsibilities of the

students as they enter your facility

2. Knowledge Evaluation Tool (such as a multiple-choice quiz)

3. HIPAA Confidentiality Form