Health informatics professionals participate in teams working toward implementing new technologies in their healthcare organization. There is a need in the body of knowledge of health informatics and information management for research studies to support the effectiveness of utilizing health information technology (HIT), particularly as it impacts clinical areas. Assessing the impact of HIT on patient care, clinical staff behaviors, work flow, other processes within organizations, and outcomes related to all of these elements require objective evidence that results from research.
Think about the components of research as it would apply to a clinically based study in informatics. Consider how you could apply these concepts in the workplace to help grow the body of knowledge. For this task, you will select one health information technology area listed below:

• Clinical decision support
• Computerized physician order entry
• Computerized disease registries
• Consumer health information technology applications
• Electronic medical record systems * I chose this topic for the essay
• Electronic prescribing
• Health information technology in small and rural communities

A. Provide a literature review of five sources that discuss the implementation of one of the health information technologies listed in the introduction.

B. Present a proposal of how to assess the effectiveness of your selected technology by doing the following:
1. Discuss how you would perform a needs assessment for the project.
2. Discuss how you would formulate a research question.
3. Explain how you would develop a hypothesis.
4. Discuss the purpose of your research.
5. Discuss what research method would best fit the situation.
6. Explain what you would measure.
a. Explain your measurement methods.
7. Explain the benefit of one data collection tool or technique you would use.
8. Discuss how you would analyze the data you gather.
9. Discuss how you would draw conclusions.

C. When you use sources, include all in-text citations and references in APA format.

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