Health promotion

Please help Look through the questions, answer and research. You will provide a word doc that…

Health promotion

Please help

Look through the questions, answer and research.

You will provide a word doc that wil lprovide what you believe is the correct answer. Along with your answer you will give a rationale that is cited with a reference. The rationale you submit is your interpretation of what you think and believe supports your chosen answer.

Yoost: Fundamentals of Nursing

Chapter 01: Nursing, Theory, and Professional Practice

Review Questions

1.   In comparing the American Nurses Association (ANA) and International Council of Nurses (ICN) definitions of nursing, what component does the ICN mention that is not included in ANA’s definition and is indicative of a more global focus?

a.   Advocacy

b.   Health promotion

c.   Shaping health policy

d.   Prevention of illness

2.   A profession has specific characteristics. In regard to how nursing meets these characteristics, which criteria are consistent and standardized processes? (Select all that apply.)

a.   Code of ethics

b.   Licensing

c.   Body of knowledge

d.   Educational preparation

e.   Altruism

3.   Which specific aspect of a profession does the development of theories provide?

a.   Altruism

b.   Body of knowledge

c.   Autonomy

d.   Accountability

4.   Health care workers are discussing a diverse group of patients respectfully and are being responsive to the health beliefs and practices of these patients. What important aspect of nursing professional practice are they exhibiting?

a.   Autonomy

b.   Accountability

c.   Cultural competence

d.   Leadership

5.   A nurse makes a medication error, immediately assesses the patient, and reports the error to the nurse manager and the primary care provider. Which characteristic of a professional is the nurse demonstrating?

a.   Autonomy

b.   Collaboration

c.   Accountability

d.   Altruism

6.   Which components are included in the American Nurses Association (ANA) standards? (Select all that apply.)

a.   Standards for professional performance

b.   A code of ethics

c.   Standards of care

d.   Legal scope of practice

e.   Licensure requirements

7.   Which core competency of advanced practice nursing is the Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) nurse educator exhibiting when counseling a student in therapeutic communication techniques?

a.   Leadership

b.   Ethical decision making

c.   Direct clinical practice

d.   Expert coaching

8.   Which statements describe a component discussed in nursing theories? (Select all that apply.)

a.   Optimal functioning of the patient

b.   Interaction with components of the environment

c.   Conceptual makeup of the hospital administration

d.   The illness and health concept

e.   Safety aspect of medication administration

9.   Which factors are affecting the nursing shortage? (Select all that apply.)

a.   Aging faculty

b.   Increasing elderly population

c.   Job satisfaction due to adequate number of nurses

d.   Aging nursing workforce

e.   Greater autonomy for nurses

10.   A nurse has performed a physical examination of the patient and reviewed the laboratory and diagnostic test results on the patient’s chart. The nurse is performing which specific nursing function?

a.   Diagnosis

b.   Assessment

c.   Education

d.   Advocacy