Health Care Reform Advocacy Public policies

Health Care Reform Advocacy Public policies that influence broad groups of people over broad areas of the country, can be initiated at the executive branch of government, designed through legislative action, and crafted through the judicial branch. It is important to keep in mind that what goes on at the national or state level ultimately influences what occurs at the institutional level, directly influencing what health care professionals and their organizations can do. In this Application Assignment, you are encouraged to be a champion of positive social change by being a positive component of the legislative process. To prepare for this Application Assignment: Select a health care issue about which you would like to influence a change. Scan state and federal government sites to find links to health care legislation. Sites are also available that specialize in tracking bills in progress. Identify two or three Web sites that provide credible information on this issue. Research within these sites what has been proposed or enacted at local, state, and federal levels in the past to aIDress this issue. Research the positions of special interest groups. To complete this Application Assignment, write a persuasive e-mail or letter to your state or national member of the legislator. Explain why you believe this issue is important and how it could be aIDressed through policy. Describe the potential impact of your proposed changes on health care consumers and/or health services organizations.

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