Health Care Market Strategy

Health Care Market Strategy
Project description
Hillestad, S & Berkowitz E. (2004) Health Care Market Strategy: From Planning to Action (3rd Ed). Sudbury: Jones & Bartlett Publishers, Inc.
o Chapter 4: The Vision Thing
? This chapter compares and contrasts the differences between vision and mission statements and emphasizes on the importance of vision and mission statements in the business planning process.
o Chapter 5: Conducting the Internal/External Assessment
? This chapter details the steps for conducting the internal and external assessments, lists the data sources for market research, and defines the scope of market research.
1. Topic #1. Mission Statement

Locate a mission statement from a healthcare organization. Critique the mission statement by using nine questions listed on page 69 of the Hillestad and Berkowitz’s book. Response should be 125 words.

2. Topic #2. Marketing Research

A healthcare system plans to establish a new outpatient surgery center in Atlanta, GA. Marketing research is needed to assess the potentials of this new establishment. Outline the marketing research plan including the data to be collected, the sample, and the data-gathering method(s). Which law/regulation has the greatest impact on marketing research? And How? Response should be 125 words.



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