Generations and Social Media Theory Analysis Paper Academic Essay

A 5000 – word paper, in MLA format

This essay should do three things: a) First it should justify the two theories of INTERPERSONAL COMMUNICATION THEORIES (Social Penetration Theory/Altman&Taylor) and (Uncertainty Reduction Theory/Berger) in respect of : Different Generations self-expression issues over social media and causes of communication problems in Social Media platforms and effects of these through daily lives b) Next the essay should systematically demonstrate how each theory would conceptualize the phenomenon that have chosen, and should show ways in which each theory would be applied to research the topic. What features of the topic would be particularly relevant to each theory? What sorts of assumptions and approaches are indicated in the attack on the phenomenon from that perspective? c) Demonstrate the heuristic value of each theory for the topic have chosen. What might each of the two theories cast up for investigation that previous approaches have overlooked?

”The essay should also refer a case study published about the theories and problem”.
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