Funding Through Grants

Funding Through Grants

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Funding Through Grants

Human services agencies often turn to grants for funds to manage their budget. To get the grants, agencies have to apply for in writing and most of the grants will require the presentation of the agency’s budget (Lauffer, 2011).

Describe the key elements to grant writing.

a) Title page. Provides core details of the grant proposal.

b) Introduction. Provides a brief overview of the grants proposal with information about the agency, its ability to solve the problem, the need of the project, methods the agency will use, and how those in need will benefit from the agency’s project (Foundation Center, 2015).

c) The agency’s background. Describes the agency in terms of its demographics, location, relationship to charity, mission, and past success in similar projects.

d) Problem statement. Documents the problem by giving logical data of the cause of concern and why the problem is happening (Foundation Center, 2015).

e) Program goals and objectives. Shows how the situation being addressed will change as a result of the agency’s project.

f) Implementation plan. Explains the agency’s activities that support the achievement of the project’s objectives (Foundation Center, 2015).

g) Evaluation plan. Outlines a plan for determining the project’s success at different points.

h) Sustainability and future funding. Shows how expense not covered by the grant proposal will be met and how the agency’s project will continue after the funding by the grant ends (Foundation Center, 2015).

i) Budget. Shows the costs to be met by the grant and provides methods used to determine the costs.

j) Proof of 501(C) 3 status. Verifies that the agency is a non-profit organization that runs charity programs for helping people (Foundation Center, 2015).

Provide a brief description of the grant proposal you selected and explain the strengths of the proposal and any areas where it could be improved.

The proposal I have selected is the proposal from Planned Parenthood of Georgia to the Atlanta Women’s Foundation. This is a grant proposal by Planned Parenthood requesting funding from the Atlanta Women’s Foundation to increase awareness and accessibility of the human papillomavirus vaccine (Foundation Center, 2018). The strengths of the proposal are that the proposal provided clear goals of their program in the cover letter, it was well-written and followed grant application instructions, the budget was clearly presented with sufficient details, the implementation plan was well articulated, the sustainability of the program was given, collaborative partners were presented, and the program’s evaluation was shown.

Explain how you would improve on the grant proposal to convince the funder that funding this program would have a positive and measurable effect on the community.

I would improve the grant proposal to convince the funder that funding this program would have a positive and measurable effect on the community by demonstrating that I have a clear understanding of the need in our community and its strong programmatic response.


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