For Aristotle only Homework Assignment # 3



This is the third assignment for you to help with.  It has two parts a Resume and a Personal statement.  The resume can be ficticious.  However when listing experience please include that the only job I every held was with the military and I now work for Brooke Army Medical Center.  Thanks




The Professional Portfolio for this class is a set of two documents: Resume and a Personal Statement. Together these documents will comprise a professional representation of you to prospective employers, internship sources, graduate programs, and the rest of the world.  Used effectively, both of these documents will facilitate your application for employment, graduate school, scholarships, internships, and grants.




Create a one-page Chronological Resume.  Use the following categories in your resume: Heading Objective Education Experience Activities References

There are a number of great resources that provide attractive and informative resumes. Chapter 8 of the Kuther textbook has some resume samples and a good resume checklist of pages 168-169 (see also ). Be sure you have someone proofread your resume.





Personal Statement

The Personal Statement is an essay describing yourself in terms of academic and career goals. The personal statement may consist of a number of items from career plans to academic achievements (see p. 212-217 in the Kuther text for more information or reference ). Your personal statement should be a description of you, your experiences, and your goals. If you are applying to graduate school, a personal essay similar to this personal statement may be a part of the application materials. Additionally, distributing your personal statement to individuals who are writing letters of recommendation for you is a great strategy.

Personal Statement Components (no more than two pages) Career Plans What are your long-term goals? Where do you see yourself 10 years from now? Influences on your career choice General Interest Areas What academic or professional areas interest you? Discussion of your academic background. Academic Experiences and Achievements Description of research, field experiences, or academic experiences that shaped your career goals. What are your academic or leadership achievements? Personal and professional development Descriptions of service or volunteer experiences. Descriptions of your values and approach to life. Description of anything in your life/ background that would strengthen your statement.

Please present your Personal Statement as a narrative – complete sentences and paragraphs. This allows you to practice professional communication practices. Personal Statements with incomplete sentences or structured in bullet points or phrases will receive a score of zero.