Final paper: Climate Migration

This is a final paper for my global forum class.

Prompt: Across the globe, many individuals are fleeing violence, poverty, and corruption. However, climate change is emerging as both a direct and an indirect driver of migration that complicates existing vulnerabilities. What is the relationship between climate change and global patterns of migration? What is the role of the international community in protecting climate migrants? Use specific examples for the course readings and guest speakers to support your argument.

Words: 1000-1200 words

Due date: 12/8

make sure to read the prompt and instruction of the paper carefully, this document is attached on the file named (prompt 3 climate migrants).

In order to obtain a high grade for the paper, make sure to specify the thesis statement and use the course readings to support the argument. A course reading with another file attached, I think it can be used as a reference to support the content of the prompt. such as address the “environmental justice movement” to help to answer the part: the role of the international community in protecting climate migrants. The inspiration of this connection was from the article: which you can use it for a reference.

Please fully use the sources and cite the sources correctly.