Explain why the significance of categorization of a term as a condition or a warranty has been diluted in the context of Singapore law.

Analyze and evaluate decisions of reported cases critically to demonstrate an
understanding of the legal principles learnt.
Apply Singapore case law and legislation to new situations to solve the problem or determine the most appropriate outcome.
Demonstrate the essential knowledge and interpersonal skills to work effectively in a team.
Demonstrate well-developed written proficiency.

In this assignment, you are expected to:
1 You can find a short tutorial on the APA formatting and style guidelines here: https://is.gd/mgEOnC . Additional details (pertaining to tables and figures) can be found here: https://is.gd/O4vDdT .




on the extent to which your answers:

form a sound reasoning by developing those key points in a clear, logical and succinct manner;

provide proper and adequate in-text citations and referencing to content drawn from course materials and other credible sources;

strictly follow APA formatting and style guidelines1, in particular for:
• in-text citations and end-of-report references;
• the identification of figures and tables;

use, wherever relevant, the specialised vocabulary and terminology commonly used in discussions about the topic(s) covered by each question;

provide a reference or bibliography at the end of the main report;

include the less relevant details in an Appendix;

use sentence constructions that are grammatically and syntactically correct;

are free from spelling mistakes; present the workings, numerical formulations and results in a logical manner that follows the APA formatting and style guidelines;

design and present graphs, diagrams and plots that follow the APA formatting and style guidelines;

are highly original;

have proper formatting, which may:
• include a properly formatted cover page;
• respect the answer length/word count set out in the assignment guidelines, if any is prescribed;
• present answers in paragraphs with proper spacing and page margins;
• include page numbers and appendices, if necessary.
Wherever applicable, the marks awarded to how your answers are presented depend
20% of the marks are allocated to the presentation of your answers:
Ø The marks awarded to what your answers cover depend on the extent to which they
cover the key points that correctly and comprehensively address each question.

Ø The key points should be supported by evidence drawn from course materials and, wherever relevant, from other credible sources.
80% of the marks are allocated to the content of your answers:
Marks awarded to your assignment are based on the following guidelines:
Important Note: Grading of TMA/GBA/ECA Submissions
Discuss two (2) possible implied terms that would be relevant to the contract arising
from the above transaction. In your analysis, you should cite the relevant legal principles to support your views.
(10 marks)
Explain why the significance of categorization of a term as a condition or a warranty
has been diluted in the context of Singapore law.
(15 marks)
Describe a scenario where the condition is breached, and explain the remedy (or
remedies) which may be applicable.
From the terms and conditions stated in the website, identify one (1) condition and
one (1) warranty. Explain and analyse why you have identified these statements as a condition and warranty respectively.
Analyse the online transaction that you would be entering by ordering from the portal.
As part of your analysis, identify and discuss the four (4) elements of a valid contract and conclude when the contract was formed. In your answer, you are expected to refer to the relevant provisions of the Electronic Transactions Act, Cap. 88 of Singapore, where appropriate.
(25 marks)
For the purposes of this assignment, it is not mandatory to refer the Sale of Goods Act, Cap.
393 of Singapore and the Consumer Protection (Fair Trading) Act, Cap. 52A of Singapore.
Carefully review the terms and conditions of the portal and answer the following questions.
It is important that your analysis should include case law, examples and reasons to support your views.
Your GBA group is working late on an assignment and decides to order food from an online
portal: tampopo.oddle.me.
Question 1
There is a total of one (1) mandatory question for this GBA. You must answer ALL
parts of Question 1.
Remember to support your analysis with reasons, case law and (if relevant) statutory
provisions that are applicable to Singapore.
Less marks will be awarded to students who merely extract information from their reference
sources without demonstration of critical analysis.
Note to Students: An ability to conduct proper research, provide the appropriate referencing
of sources and demonstrate critical thinking skills are all essential skills that our students must develop. Hence, marks are awarded for good research effort and proper referencing.
(30 marks)
Analyse and conclude whether it is a valid exemption clause.
damage that is
Explain and provide a relevant example relating to the loss
intended to be covered by the exemption clause.
Identify the exemption clause found in the terms and conditions of the online portal.
(10 marks)
Conclude with your view (and reasons) on whether the Act is fair.
Based on the terms and conditions of the online portal, discuss whether a third party is
able to commence a legal action against the vendor.
Explain the key effects of the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act, Cap. 53B of
Singapore vis-à-vis the common law position relating to privity of contract.
If the vendor has breached a condition, discuss and recommend an appropriate dispute
resolution method. It is important to justify your recommendations with reasons.
(10 marks)