Explain Patient Satisfaction in Emergency Departments

Order Description1. Please follow the organization content of the literature review in the file which i will attach literature review. Literature review should be made according to these chapters of content (1.1 1.7) in the file. In the given file the information from the articles there which was used, was just copied and pasted so please take this into account, it needs reformulationetc. Also of course the writer should make more investigation concerning some things there, analyze more articles which are not there in the file and combine all together. If the writer thinks that some articles in the file dont correspond well to the topic so you can exclude them but in this case exclude from the draft literature table file as well. Some aIDitional information you can see in the file.2. I need a literature table as well. There is one draft literature table where the factors are distributed according to the author. BUT, I need a literature table which is made in a different way, i attach there an example file how it should be done the new one.3. Important: It is not strict concerning the number of pages, it can be more or less 82. But I need more than 80 references. Only in this file literature review there are about 100 articles taken into account, so with the writers articles it should be more.
The references should be made as (Author, year).
At the end to make this list of references according to the alphabet order.
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