Explain how the particulars of the element you choose is at work in the film you use for each critique.

Required Text Film Art: An Introduction, 10th edition. David Bordwell and Kristen Thompson. For this assignment, you will watch a film outside of class screenings, over the course of the class. Write a brief critique for each film, analyzing one of the elements listed below. Your task is to explain how the particulars of the element you choose is at work in the film you use for each critique. Do not choose a film that is screened for class, or that is discussed at length in the textbook. Please note that you are writing one critique per due date, for a total of three. The assignment is not to write three critiques per due date. For each critique, you are evaluating one element. Please make sure that your paper is formatted correctly: 1.5 spaced, Times New Roman 12 point font, and the default margins. You may only write one critique for any of these elements; for example, do not write two critiques on editing. Note: there are seven elements listed here, but you will only write three critiques. You are welcome to read ahead, if you wish to write about an element we have not yet discussed. • film form • narrative structure • genre • mise-en-scene • cinematography • editing • sound design Whether you screen the film on DVD, online, etc., you must be able to screen the film multiple times. At the beginning of each critique, include a heading that lists: your name, the due date, the critique number, the film’s title, the viewing situation (DVD, for example), and the particular aspect of film aesthetics that you are emphasizing in your critique. Please note: these are NOT research papers. The task is for you to perform the analysis yourself. The only reference you may use is the textbook. For proper in-text and “Works Cited” MLA citations, see https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/747/01/. Evidence of the use of outside sources will be treated as plagiarism. Format Use the format below for your critiques, at the top left side of your paper: First Name Last Name Due Date, 2015 Critique #1 Film Title (in Italics!!) DVD Cinematography Upload your critiques as .pdf files. Do not use .rtf, .doc, .docx, .pages, etc. Make sure to use italics for film titles! Critique Parameters Essay Form As we discussed in class, these critiques follow traditional essay format: you will need a clear thesis statement in the first paragraph. You will then develop your “argument” in several paragraphs that begin with topic sentences and contain one main idea each; and you will complete the essay with a summative closing paragraph. Please see the handout, “Essay Format,” for more information. I have also included three “Sample Critiques” for you to peruse, for help with understanding this form of writing. Film Choice As you can imagine, it is important to choose a film that has been recognized as outstanding in the category you will critique. Choose a film that was nominated or won either an Oscar or an Independent Spirit Award. An easy way to find these films is to search “Academy Award” or “Independent Spirit” in Wikipedia. You can also use the links below. If you would like to use a film that has not been nominated for either award, please send me an email with the film’s title, so that we may discuss it. Please choose a film from the last five-ten years; if you want to critique an older film, please send an email so that we can discuss it. Note: For “Film Form” or “Narrative Structure,” look to the “Best Picture” category.