Explain how “tiny rocks in your head” help you balance when your head is tilted forward, back and side to side

Question 1-15 true/false

  1. The animal amphioxus is a primitive vertebrae worm
  2. A cancer cell can be simply described as a normal body cell that has altered DNA
  3. The sponge, according to the book INNER FISH by neil shubin has a body
  4. Special molecules called cones collect light and change into vision
  5. Mitochondria are sometimes referred to as the powerhouse of a cell
  6. When human skin is subjected to cold air tiny molecules cause our hair follicles to shake or shiver
  7. Both male and female humans have the hormone estrogen
  8. Charles Darwin was a 19th century scientists who studied archaeology
  9. In vitro fertilization occurs in the uterus of human females
  10. The phenotype of a living organism can be described as its outward appearance
  11. The 3 layers of cell types in an embryo occur at the zygote stage of development
  12. There are two small bones in the human ear that help transfer sound from the outer ear to the inner ear
  13. One place you find cartilage in humans is the internal structure of the nose
  14. All of the genes that code for the sense of smell are used in humans to detect odors
  15. Our ancient ancestor’s early humans had the ability to see in color.

Questions 16-22 answer in complete sentences

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  1. Explain how “tiny rocks in your head” help you balance when your head is tilted forward, back and side to side
  2. Explain how hiccups is related to our fish and tadpole history
  3. Explain how close interbreeding of species can produce lethal or bad mutations in their offspring
  4. How can it be said that human lineage can be traced back to ancient species of “pond scum”
  5. Discuss the many uses of cloned plants and animals
  6. Discuss and explain how are bodies are really a tube within a tube according to Neil Shubin
  7. How do individual cells within an organism communicate with each other

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