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Evaluation Plan

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Evaluation plan

Evaluation plan refers to a written document that is implied in the description of how certain programs may be monitored or evaluated along with how evaluated results can be utilized in the establishment of viable decision making. Evaluation plan in service delivery is considered an important factor in consideration of the nurse practice. The service provided in healthcare is generally evaluated increasingly by the nurses and other healthcare providers in the determination of what strategies can be enhanced in the essence of improving management care (Jarjoura, et al., 2019). The evaluation plan helps in the determination of why certain activities result in the overall improvement in service provision.

The importance of an evaluation plan in healthcare is to determine the efficiency of various strategies incorporated in the service delivery among the patients. Nurses have been evaluating the outcome from management care with the prime goal of determining the management strategies which can be implemented for better services among the patients. It is also used in making critical assessments through various processes hence accessing how the approaches applied in healthcare are aligned with the goals and objectives of the organization. In most cases, the evaluation plan has been implied in the provision of support to evidence-based approaches concerning the practice delivery (Parente, 2020). The nurses can undertake an evaluation plan to have general information through which they can establish final judgment. In general, the evaluation plan is important since it can be applied in the determination of outcome associated with the implementation of a certain strategy can be important in the decision-making process. This is attributed to the motive that the results obtained from evaluation test can be used to base argument hence the provision of viable judgment in consideration to the issue being incurred.




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