Evaluating Clinical Learning Outcomes

Evaluating Clinical Learning Outcomes
As a staff developer, patient educator, preceptor, or faculty, you have the opportunity to help others enhance their nursing or self-care skills and thus make a direct and positive impact on patient well-being. Select a psychomotor skill that you use in your practice setting and/or have experience with. How would you teach this skill to a patient, staff nurse, or nursing student who has little or no expertise in it but would benefit from learning it? In particular, how would you evaluate the learning experience to determine whether the skill was in fact learned? Identify tools you would use, such as those described in this week’s Learning Resources, and explain how your evaluation plan conforms to sound practices for clinical education.


With these thoughts in mind:


Post your plans for clinical learning and evaluation as follows:

Describe the skill and the learner you intend to teach and evaluate.


Briefly describe how would you design the learning experience.


In more detail, how would you evaluate the learning outcome? Describe an evaluation measure that would demonstrate how well it was learned and identify the tools you would use. Provide support for your choices.


In summary, explain how your evaluation plan demonstrates sound educational practices for clinical learning.




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