Ethics in Healthcare Administration

*One Page*Ethics in Healthcare Administration

The following scenario is designed to allow you the
opportunity to contemplate and analyze ethical situations you are likely to
encounter in a position of management. All
of the scenarios are real-life in that they have actually occurred. Generally speaking, there are no right or
wrong answers, just different perspectives.
The scenario format is intended to assist you in the development of a
pattern of thinking. You may use any
resources you choose to help answer the question or to present your point of

and Reporting
You are the CEO of a medium-sized
non-profit health system and have been in your job for five years. Over that time you have worked for a
volunteer Board of Directors where the chairmanship of the Board rotates every
year. A new member has come on to the
Board and the new member has a number of ideas about how to change the health
system for what he believes to be the better.
As a Board member, this person is technically your boss, but you believe
that your experience as an administrator gives you a better perspective to
evaluate proposals for changing the health system. The new board member views your efforts to
educate him on the challenges and problems of his ideas as resistance and has
begun to act aggressively toward you during the monthly Board meetings. You have been approached by the current Board
Chairman, who is an active supporter of yours, to tell you that the new Board
member is talking to other Board members about a move to fire you. While you do not want to be openly hostile to
the new Board member, you also do not want to sit back and wait to be
fired. What actions would you take and why?

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