Essential Services of Public Health

HCA415: Community and Public Health

Instructions: Public health services are divided into four major categories and 10 specific services. For each of the four categories and 10 essential services of public health listed below, provide a definition. The definition should be approximately three to four sentences each and be written in your own words. Then, via an internet search, identify a real-life example of each of the 10 essential services. The example may be a program, initiative, or service of a government agency, community service agency, non-profit organization, or community action group. Provide a description and brief discussion of how this example relates the definition of the essential service. Include a link to the website where you found information about each example. You only need to include a definition of each of the three categories of services; you do not need to provide an example of the categories. All information you include on the worksheet must be in your own words.

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