Essay analysis and problem solving The nursing crisis; the solution lies within

Week 4 Discussion • 1 • 1 • 2 • 3 • 4 • 5 Essay analysis and problem solving The nursing crisis; the solution lies within This paper clearly brings out the problems that nurses face in their work environment, it is clear that nurses like any other employee in any working environment faces diverse challenges, moreover because their work is more crucial as it concerns the health of individuals. When various health facilities are in a problem the whole country becomes faced with a serious challenge, varying from serious occurrences like accidents to normal diseases such as common cold, the health centers are always crowded such that inadequacy in work force proves that the country is in an uncertainty state which may result to adverse conditions. It is clear that nurses have realized that they are at the center of a big crisis and if the situation is not looked into well, it will soon be impossible to deal with it. They have carried out various feasibility study and nurses have come to realize that the problem may have been caused by external forces as well as internal forces but the solution to it lies within, they also have a bigger role in changing the way things are continuing to happen and also show the right way forward. After discovering that very few students are pursuing nursing as their career and some of the few who pursue it drop it and choose other areas may be due to the fact that there are other careers which are paying much better compared to nursing. Also another disturbing issue is that very few young people are currently working as nurses hence when the aged one retire there will be a lot of challenges e.g. they may suffer from fatigue due to long working hours as their number will be less compared to the number of patients and this is likely to discourage them. Since it is evident that the number of young people wanting to pursue nursing is decreasing day by day, appropriate measures should hence be carried out to motivate and encouraging people into pursuing nursing profession. The government in the first place needs to provide incentives that will encourage people to join for instance providing subsidiary tuition fee. The nurses need to be self- motivated and passionate about their career, they need to act as role models and create a community awareness campaign that will woe young people into this health profession. An open letter to the community It is vivid that culture, race and ethnicity are the major themes frequently related to a community and are often the concern of every individual in a community. It is also evident that these issues are not only the concern of everyone but have also resulted to different debates in various sectors. Multiculturalism has been the main agenda because in our current generation in different societies consist of people of different races, ethnicity and cultural backgrounds which in one way or another has resulted to disputes and conflicts as people try to embrace their culture in the places where they are.The main challenge over this issue has always been “my right” to this and

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