Ending stage of Group Therapy

Must be finished tomorrow (4/21) by 10am pacific time

2 page paper, which will be part of a group paper, therefore, no conclusion is needed but must have introduction

Group: Single parents of child with disabilities (low-income)

Things to include:

-The group members will partake in a pretest and post test questionnaire in order to evaluate progress, as well as giving members the opportunity to discuss their experiences from first session and how they feel now, end of group)

-Throughout groups sessions, rating scale evaluations will also be used

-Group leaders may give strategies to members to help them after group (self care, maintaining healthy mental state ability, resources for financial struggles)



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Resources that can be given to members at the end of group to help assist them ongoing. (These can be handed out on a worksheet, emailed, written down etc.):













Please add what you find as well as you explore this topic and reach out to me with any questions!