Eating disorders and sexual abuse.

Eating disorders and sexual abuse.

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Research Paper:
A good paper will have strong overall academic writing and will cover the basics as far as a description of the topic, the research you’ve found about the topic, and your critiques of the research, including questions you might still have about the topic that after researching it.


? Introduction to your topic: introduction, definitions, etc. 1 page

? Overview of your topic: description of the topic you’ve picked, highlighting the key ideas and concepts. 2-3 pages

? Research findings: What have you found in research regarding the topic? 3 pages

? Critique: What does the research miss? What are some problems with the arguments about your topic? And, what might be some ways or ideas to further research that might speak to these limitations? 3-4 pages

Explanation of Marking:

· Clarity of Rationale of Ideas: Does the student’s ideas make sense? Are the ideas logical? Are the explanations they use clearly demonstrating what their ideas are and how their ideas work?

· Depth of Insights: Does the student show that they have thought through their ideas, looking at them from various angles? Has the student noted exceptions or weaknesses to their ideas? Has the student noted intricacies in their ideas?

· Grammar: Is correct punctuation used? Is the sentence structure appropriate?

· Application of Course Concepts: Is the student using concepts discussed in class in their answer
will upload the class materials which include the class concepts. I will also upload the sources to be used.

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