Dissemination of Evidence


Dissemination of Evidence

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Dissemination of Evidence

Disseminate evidence

Dissemination refers to the strategy implied in spreading opinions among individuals in the essence of sharing certain knowledge. In consideration of this case, I would apply the following plans in ensuring that I have been capable of disseminating evidence concerning solutions on resource unavailability in the healthcare organization. Social networking media; where I would incorporate the information on the resource scarcity in social media. In this case, the visitors of websites will effectively interact with the evidence provided hence being aware of the information being presented. Besides, I would use email in spreading the evidence by sending information to different individuals who are involved in service delivery in healthcare (Orandi, & Locke, 2020). I would also plan to host different community association meetings to communicate the evidence. In this case, I will take considerate time in establishing a face to face conversation hence introducing them to the overall idea on the issue which has been incurred in the healthcare organization. Besides, I will have an opportunity of providing some tips for the proposed solution which has been established in the essence of preventing the incident.

Findings presentation 

In the presentation of my findings based on the key problem which has been incurred in the healthcare organization, I would use healthcare employers. This is attributed to the motive that they will have initial knowledge on the problem being incurred in the service delivery among the patients. Through this,they will be explaining the investigation which has been undertaken and key findings from the research. Generally, the success of the presentation of the finding is determined by the clarity incorporated (Chandy, et al., 2020). Therefore in consideration of this, the healthcare employees will present the evidence to the people in the society, in various social media platforms, and in the different organizations which are believed to be accommodating a large number of the people.

Generally, the findings to be presented in this case shall comprise of the problem which has been determined and a general explanation of how it has contributed to negative influence among the people. For instance, the issue of increase in pain among the patients due to lack of injections and medicines in the healthcare organization. Besides they will present the information on the various strategies which have been incorporated in the essence of preventing the issue in the service delivery. Finally they will highlight some of the responsibilities of every individual in ensuring that there has been an effective supply of resources.

Professional publication

In the dissemination plan, I would also consider including professional publication. In this case, I would consider the use of newspapers. The reason why I chose newspaper is that most of the people have been associated with reading the newspaper (McLellan, 2020). Therefore this will create a room through which the evidence can be reached to them. I would encourage the employers involved in the presentation of the findings to enhance the distribution of newspapers in different regions especially where there is a large number of individuals. In the newspaper, I would compile the challenging issue in healthcare and also the research which had been undertaken. Based on this the information will effectively be distributed hence working in unity to ensure improvement in service delivery in the availability of healthcare resources.




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