Discuss your thoughts on the innovation plan and if you feel it will be a success.

View this presentation and assume that you are a board member of this organization.


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The attached advertisement is for a business that my wife is contemplating. After I retire from the military, she would start it once we settle down in a particular location. My wife is a registered and certified dietitian. She also has multiple fitness certifications. I would use the knowledge I gained from my studies at Grantham to assist her with the company’s business aspects. Fit and Nourished Life is a health and wellness consulting firm. The staff is composed of registered dietitians who are also certified as fitness coaches. The company services a spectrum of clients from individuals to businesses.


Fit and Nourished Life provides a diverse array of clients with solutions for healthy & sustainable change through personalized design for life’s fitness and wellness goals.

Business Strategy

Fit and Nourished Life follows a broad differentiation business strategy. Gyms offer personal trainers that provide the client with coaching on fitness, but the client often receives little advice on diet. Additionally, the typical personal trainer is not certified to provide in-depth and personalized dietary advice and nutrition therapy. Additional limitations occur when the client has special dietary needs due to a chronic disease such as diabetes, cancer, and heart disease. Fit and Nourished Life differs itself from personal training services by providing comprehensive consulting services on nutrition and exercise in the form of a partnership with the client that is supportive, not judgmental. The Fit and Nourished Life experience starts with a consultation on the client’s health desires, including an inventory of the client’s food interests and exercise likes and dislikes. A Fit and Nourished Life consultant will show the client how to shop for and prepare the food needed for the appropriate diet to reach their fitness goals. Monthly counseling sessions will determine the progress and changes required.

Marketing Strategy

The advertisement that accompanies this proposal is just one method that Fit and Nourished Life will use to reach the community. The company’s marketing strategy consists of several other ways to gain exposure. The first marketing method includes establishing partnerships with local physicians to gain referrals. Another way the company will gain exposure is by participating in or hosting health fairs in the community. The company will also provide educational events at local schools along with offering free webinars. A key initiative in the marketing plan is the creation of collaborative partnerships with local gyms.


Discuss your thoughts on the innovation plan and if you feel it will be a success.

In 300 WORDS  provide suggestions to the company developer on what they could do to ensure the plan could be successfully implemented. Be sure to include real-world examples and follow up with outside research.

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