Discuss what you found out that has truly ignited your interest in this area of criminal justice

Probation departments are governed and administered differently in each state, depending on each state’s courts and jurisdictions. Commonly, the administration of probation systems can be broken into these six categories. The American Probation and Parole Association website has fantastic information for all aspects of probation and parole. Visit the Facts from the Field page by going to the Resources tab and then selecting facts from the Field. There you will find a P&P Directory section and a P&P FAQ’s (Probation and Parole Frequently Asked Questions) section. Instructions For this assignment, you will review both sections of Facts from the Field and answer the questions below. Your responses should be well thought out and at least two to three paragraphs in length per question. Find your state in this directory. Once you have found your state, read over the various agencies that govern over probation and/or parole. If you had a choice, which agency in your state would you choose to work for? Why would you choose to work for this agency? What requirements do they have for probation and/or parole officers in that agency? If it is listed, what is the starting salary for a probation/parole officer in this agency? TheP&P FAQ’slists fifteen of the most commonly asked questions about Probation and Parole. Read through the list and pick one question that answered something you truly had no prior knowledge of. Did you have a prior idea of this concept that was corrected now that you read this information? Discuss what you found out that has truly ignited your interest in this area of criminal justice. Be sure to cite your source of information using APA, as you will all have information from various sources.

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