Do you believe that other health systems around the world are better or worse than that of the United States? Why or why not? Discuss some of the problems that exist with health insurance on a global scale.

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Since the populations around the world are quite different a system good for some of them may not be so good for others. The United States still lacks a health care system that provides insurance for all citizens. With an economy that is weak, and a high rate of unemployment, this represents a serious problem. In other countries, where insurance is mandatory, medical bill are rarely paid by the average citizen. Healthcare in the United States is must be given to everyone, but it’s the matter of affording to pay the medical bills, and being accepted by an insurance company that is the main issue. A potential solution to medical underwriting is to have a healthcare system similar to Germany, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Taiwan, and Japan, where everyone has health insurance no matter what medical conditions a person has. There is no difference between coverage for a healthy person and one with diabetes. This solution is realistic because it works in other countries very well. This solution is politically viable because President Obama has created a healthcare plan that will insure that all Americans receive insurance. Groups that would advocate for these changes are Americans without healthcare, democrats, those who believe all Americans should have healthcare, and the poor. Groups that would oppose this solution would be doctors, hospitals, and insurance companies. A potential solution for losing healthcare when losing the job is allowing the person to stay with the insurance company from the previous job, until they are employed again whether it is at a job that offers insurance or not. This solution is realistic because when you have a job there will always be a paycheck. When a person does not have a job, or insurance, the money they do have is used for household needs. If someone loses a job that offered health insurance, has insurance until they find a new job, then there is something to help them if medical attention is needed. The group that would advocate for this would be those without health insurance, and jobs. The group that would oppose this would be insurance companies. My opinion of the current direction of the health care reform in the U.S. is that all Americans need health insurance. I do not think it is right for insurance companies to deny someone health insurance because of acne or any other pre-existing condition.

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