Discuss how the use of metrics associated with the performance review process may have helped Max avoid this problem scenario.

Post by Day 3 a cohesive and scholarly response in APA format to the bullets below.

Here is the Scenario:

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A relatively new employee, Jill, has been employed at Global ProTech for 10 months. Her manager has not engaged with her since being hired. There was no on-boarding process, so she really does not fully understand the mission and vision of the organization. On her first day, Jill was escorted to her cubicle, provided with technology, and handed a stack of procedural manuals to read. Her manager indicated she would have a trainer, but no one has shown any real interest in taking Jill under their wing. Essentially, she has been left to sink or swim. She does not know if she is doing the right job, let alone whether she is doing the job right. Jill’s first annual performance review is coming up in two months. She has tried on multiple occasions to schedule an appointment with her manager to discuss her job and her performance, but every time the appointment date and time arrives, the manager has had to re-schedule for more pressing issues.

In desperation, she attempted to schedule a meeting with her manager one more time, and an appointment was successfully made. She was finally believing the system was working and was anticipating the meeting. During the meeting, her manager never took notes as Jill explained her frustrations and concerns. He kept checking his phone and what appeared to be his social media page on his laptop. In addition, in between the phone and social media, he also continuously doodled on a notepad. At the end of the meeting, Jill wondered if her manager really understood her concerns or whether he cared anything at all about the employees or the organization. After much deliberation, Jill decided she had had enough and headed down to human resources for guidance and direction.

  • Analyze your approach within the Performance Management Coaching Scenario and discuss the rationale for your approach.
  • Outline another coaching approach that would have also worked in the Scenario
  • Discuss how the use of metrics associated with the performance review process may have helped Max avoid this problem scenario.
  • Explain why a manager should not use an appraisal process as an opportunity to lecture about job performance.
  • Discuss how the performance review process could best be used for employee development.

Due in 10 hours. 350 words

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