Develop a Training Plan Directions Develop a training plan for a hospital that is implementing…

Develop a Training Plan
Directions: Develop a training plan for a hospital that is implementing a new health care information system. Use the information that you obtained inLP6.1 Assignment: Training to complete this assignment. The system that is being implemented is the system you chose inLP6.1 Assignment: Training (either Waiting Room Solutions or Allscripts). Include the type of training strategies that you would view as being important to include in a system implementation training program. Compare this training plan to the one that you researched inLP6.1 Assignment: Training. Discuss the issues that you would be certain to avoid and how they would be avoided. This training plan should be about a page in length and it should include any references that were used in 6th edition APA format.
Submit this assignment to your instructor via the dropbox€œLP6.2 Assignment: Develop a Training Plan.” This assignment is worth 25 points.
Using this scoring guide below, grades are figured by multiplying the number of criteria met by the rating scale. For example, if your work meets all of the Criteria and you get a 5 on the Rating Scale you, you would earn 25 points or an A for this assignment.