determine the timeline and plan for EMR implementation.

When facing change, a plan and timeline are necessary for the change to be successful. For this assessment, determine the timeline and plan for EMR implementation.

Instructions: Visit the following websites for additional information on how to create a step-by-step guide for the implementation program. Complete further research as necessary.

Plan Guidelines: The plan needs to identify the main steps from beginning to end, and then provide specific measurable goals for each step. Each step of the plan needs to include: a title, the specifics of the step, who will participate in the step, and the recommended result of the step. In addition, include the following in the EMR plan:

  • Time to research and test possible EMR packages
  • Plan for financing or purchasing the product
  • Steps for installation, training, and transition from paper to electronic records
  • Plans for the physicians and staff to gradually adapt to the system
  • Trouble-shooting ideas
  • An overall approach to the implementation

Timeline Guidelines: The timeline needs to include the steps from the plan, the parties involved in the steps, and the recommended time expected to complete the steps. Using the plan created, complete the following:

  • Recommend a timeline for the implementation plan to occur. Take into account the steps devised in the plan and determine the best timeline for the plan to be executed in.
  • Take into consideration that some steps can be done simultaneously while others may need to be completed individually.

Submit both the plan and timeline in the same document, including a minimum of 3 references.