Describe the healthcare organization website you reviewed.

-choose a health care organization (your choice)-a specific HCO

-review attached articles

-describe the healthcare organization website you reviewed. 

-Describe where, if at all, EBP appears (e.g., the mission, vision, philosophy, and/or goals of the healthcare organization, or in other locations on the website). 

-explain whether this healthcare organization’s work is grounded in EBP and why or why not. 

-explain whether the information you discovered on the healthcare organization’s website has changed your perception of the healthcare organization. 

-Be specific and provide examples

-350 words

-3 reference

-use references from articles attached


Based off of previous experience and further research, I believe the nurse-patient ratio is very beneficial to nursing practice. This law requires that a nurse must care for no more than six patients in a psychiatric unit, five patients in a medical-surgical unit, four pediatric patients, three patients in a labor and delivery unit, and two patients in intensive care units (Yoder-Wise, 2019). Appropriate nurse staffing helps achieve clinical and economic improvements in patient care, including a reduction in medication errors, patient mortality, hospital readmissions, and length of stay. It has also been shown to reduce nurse fatigue and burnout. Currently, California is the only state to have adopted a mandatory nurse-patient ratio, but comparing the pre-post differences in occupational illness and injury rates between California and the rest of the United States, it was found that implementation of nurse-patient ratio standards were associated with a statistically significant reduction in injury rates among both registered nurses and licensed practical nurses (Leigh et al., 2014). By placing a limit as to how many patients a nurse can care for on a particular unit, nurses are able to focus on the individual needs of their patients and provide patient-specific care without feeling unable to perform certain nursing tasks due to time restraints and other demands. 

the question was 

 Staffing is such an integral part of leading and managing in nursing.  There are many factors to consider when deciding how many nurses are needed to provide safe patient care.  Look at the models in your reading in Chapter 13.  Find an article supporting a model’s staffing efficacy and discuss key points of how that model takes patient safety into consideration.   

the response should be 

 150 words minimum. Discussion posts must meet required criteria to receive a passing score. you should  AND should contain at least one scholarly reference in addition to textbook citations (in APA format).  my book is leading and manging in nursing 7 th edition 

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