Describe the health care beliefs of the Russian, Polish

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1. Describe the health care beliefs of the Russian, Polish and Thai heritage and how they are related to the delivery of health care.

  2. Is there any similarity between these 3 cultures. If yes or no, please explain.  

3. Give your opinion on how the beliefs of these 3 cultures influence the delivery of health care. 

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 APA format word document on an Arial 12 font attached to the threat in the tab of the discussion question call “week 11 discussion questions”. 

 A minimum of 2 evidence based references no older than years 5 years are required and two replies to any of your peers sustained with the proper references are required.  

A maximum of 500 words are required without counting the first and last page.

Please login to the following Web page: and take a tour through the slide show, which shows actual footage of the Stanford Prison study.

Please respond to three (3) of the following discussion questions;

What police procedures are used during arrests, and how do these procedures lead people to feel confused, fearful, and dehumanized?

If you were a guard, what type of guard would you have become? How sure are you?

What prevented “good guards” from objecting or countermanding the orders from tough or bad guards?

If you were a prisoner, would you have been able to endure the experience? What would you have done differently than those subjects did? If you were imprisoned in a “real” prison for five years or more, could you take it?

Why did our prisoners try to work within the arbitrary prison system to effect a change in it (e.g., setting up a Grievance Committee), rather than trying to dismantle or change the system through outside help?

What factors would lead prisoners to attribute guard brutality to the guards’ disposition or character, rather than to the situation?

What is “reality” in a prison setting? This study is one in which an illusion of imprisonment was created, but when do illusions become real?

Post your answers to the discussion board and comment on at least two posts of your classmates.

Prof. Karina