Define the term wellness

Outline 8: Chapter 15 – Achieving Optimal Health

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  • Complete using your textbook to find answers to the following questions. Next week we will spend going over this information and answering any questions that come up. Good luck and have fun!

Chapter 15: Achieving Optimal Health: Wellness and Nutrition

15.1 Diet Trends and Health

1. Define the term wellness:
2. What are the 6 dimensions of wellness?
3. What are two things a person could do to control and maintain a healthy weight?
4. What are conventional foods? Give 3 examples that you currently eat, or foods that you would like to begin to include.
5. What are modified foods? Give an example.
6. What are medical foods? Give an example.
7. What is a special dietary food? How is it different from a medical food? Give an example.

15.2 Fitness and Health

8. Name 4 benefits of physical activity:
9. What are the 4 elements of physical fitness?
10. What are the benefitrs of building cardiovascular endurance?
11. What does VO2 max measure? How do you test for your VO2 max?
12. How would you increase your VO2 max?
13. What are the benefits of muscle strength and endurance?
14. Define what flexibility is:
15. What is RMR?
16. Define the term metabolic fitness. Describe two ways to measure it.
17. Increasing your physical activity, even a little bit, can lead to many different benefits. Name 3 and describe why they would be something you would want to incorporate into your life.
18. What are some of the mental benefits of physical activity?

15.3 Threats to Health

19. Scan your family history. What chronic conditions exist? What diseases exist? (Cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, another auto-immune condition (besides diabetes), and so on). List these here.
20. What can you do to optimize your lifestyle that would directly support what you know about your family history? For example, if high blood pressure is in your family, you could decrease your sodium intake, eliminate smoking, and increase your exercise.

15.5 Start Your Sustainable Future Today

21. What are the 5 stages of Transtheoretical Behavioral Change? Describe each briefly.
22. What is a goal that you are contemplating right now?
23. Read through the 10 techniques and strategies for bringing about change. Choose 3 that you might want to try. Write them down and how you will employ them to help you reach your new goal.

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