Core Capability Diagram

Reading Assignments Week 3

Having reviewed the basics of exercise design last week, this week we dig deeper. Look at each of the design steps so you can begin the thought process that will go into developing your group’s exercise. The chapter on the TTX will take you beyond the discussion-based exercises.

One of the most valuable collection of resources you will use this summer and for the rest of your career is the Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP) materials. We will use several of the files in HSEEP this semester, so look them over, ask questions, think about the ones your group will need during the semester.

We will be assigning groups this week with each group developing two exercises. Look in the Announcements area for more information about the group you have been assigned to. We will also be adding a section to each week’s module that outlines the group work to be done for the week.

As we move into the group work you should be aware of what are group assignments and what are individual assignments. We have identified when an assignment or task is an “individual” assignment and when assignment or task is a “group” assignment. There may be individual work you need to do within the group work, but that is still considered ‘group’ work. You are still responsible for all the reading that is assigned for any given week.

Because none of the students in any group have a common municipality to work from in developing group exercises you will use a fictional location created by FEMA through their Exercise Simulation System Document (ESSD) for Liberty County. The ESSD document provides you all the information you need to know about the county for which you will be designing your exercises, including lists of resources. Look over the ESSD document with an eye towards your group’s scenario. If a resource you think you need is in there, you may use. If a resource isn’t there, it is not available to you.

1. IS 139a Lesson 2 – Exercise Planning Team

  1. IS 139a Lesson 3 – Capability-based Exercise Objective Development
  2. Review the Inventory Resource – Central City Planning Materials and Resources in the Exercise Simulation System Document (ESSD) (This is a good link because it offers the chapters and appendices as separate links, so it is easy to navigate. See also the attached ESSD Section List to assist with navigation.) to an external site.)
  3. Review the Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program. This document is found at the link titled Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program . You will find the portions you’ll need for this week on pages 2.3-2.6 (Exercise types) and 3.1 (the 8-step process). (Links to an external site.)

Additional resources to review – See attachments below.
Core Capabilities document (Links to an external site.)

HSEEP Information Sheet (Links to an external site.)

HSEEP FAQ sheet (Links to an external site.)

Here’s the link to the full HSEEP document: (Links to an external site.)

You can find a PDF of the full HSEEP document attached below.  NOTE – Please save the PDF and link for readings in upcoming week modules.

Here’s another great resource for exercise planning from University of California at Berkeley School of Public Health (Links to an external site.)