Conducting Moral and Ethical Dialog in Clinical Practice

The following questions refer to your experience in this week’s exercise as a Case Manager, Conducting Moral and Ethical Dialog in Clinical Practice.  Describe your overall experience with the moral and ethical dialog exercise, and address at least three (3) of the following:

  • Did you find any of the scenarios more difficult to deal with than others?  
  • Did you feel any internal conflict with any of the scenarios?  
  • How did your personal and professional background impact how you decided to interact with the patient?  
  • Do you feel the responses the patient gave to the practitioner’s response were reasonable or typical?  
  • Were you taken aback by any of the patient reactions?  
  • How might this activity contribute to your role as a nurse advocate in a moral and ethical practice?  
  • Did you utilize an ethical decision making model to explore a systematic way to evaluate any of these ethical dilemmas? If so, describe the effectiveness.  

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