Comparing Individual-Related and Structural

Comparing Individual-Related and Structural/Cultural-Related Theories

All theories, more or less, can be dissected into different dimensions. In other words, all theories will tell you something about the focus or unit of analysis. It will identify the major or key concepts. It will also point to the definition and the cause of the problem. This would then guide how the social worker assesses and intervenes because the theory will also articulate the role of the social worker and how change occurs.

Use this handout for the Week 2 Discussion. Select a theory that focuses on the individual and a theory that focuses on the structural or cultural level. Fill out the table to help you complete your Discussion.

Individual-Related Theory Structural/Cultural- Related Theory
Name of theory
Name of theorist
Focus or unit of analysis
Key concepts or terms
Explanation of the cause of the problem
Explanation of how change occurs or how client improves
Appropriate goals for clients
Role of the social worker
Focal point in assessment
Focal point in interventions
Specific practice intervention strategies