Comparing Frameworks for Analyzing Organizations

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Comparing Frameworks for Analyzing Organizations

The success and effectiveness of an organization is based on the organizational structure and environment (Flynn, 2019). Factors that affect how the organization functions is based on formal and informal structure. Knowing and understanding who holds the power and authority in the facility will help determine who can facilitate change (Laureate Education, 2013). In my organization, we use an organizational chart for reference so we know who to contact and in what order. Individuals who are formal in structure normally make all decisions, however the informal structure of the organization hold the power. Organizational environment includes elements such as physical setting, organizational strategy, authority structures, formal regulations, organizational resources, human resource choices, organizational culture, and organizational processes to keep the infrastructure solid (Flynn, 2019). Additionally, maintaining a culture of discipline requires professionalism and safety to provide optimal patient care.

The two frameworks I will compare in my organization to facilitate change would be “Demonstrating the 5 P’s” and “From Good to Great in Safety”. Demonstrating the 5 P’s is the process in which we utilize a microsystem to develop processes for improvement. This microsystem process involves patients, process, professionals, patterns and purpose. Professionals are needed to provide excellent patient care. The 5 P’s allow teams within an organization to recognize where improvements are needed. In my organization we have a mission that drives purpose and focuses on patient-centered care. The professionals within the organization share the same vision and purpose which promotes welfare, care and safety of all our patients. The next frame work of “From Good to Great”, involve proactive involvement and placing the right people in the right place (Gellar, 2006). I believe this framework is best for my organization, because if the right people are in the right place, they will demonstrate the 5 P’s. These frameworks go hand in hand. Great leaders recognize where employees fit within an organization through observation, communication, and providing feedback.


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