Compare 19th Century slavery to modern day racism.

Compare 19th Century slavery to modern day racism. <br /> Main points of topic:<br /> – the confederate flag: why was this “symbol” for slavery still being flown on flag poles after the civil war?Why did it take until this year for it to finally be brought out of commission?<br /> -Police shooting/brutality: White cops versus the black community. why is there so much hostility?<br /> -why are black people looked down upon by the society?<br /> -why is there such a high percentage of incarcerated black people?<br /> -why is discrimination still apparent in today’s society?<br /> -why does it seem that we are still stuck in the era of slavery? slavery is gone but discrimination is still absolute?<br /> -why are african americans among the poorest and least educated?<br /> <br /> <br /> In recent months/years more and more racism/discrimination is being covered by the media.

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