community health Academic Essay

Please read all instructions and follow all instructions don’t leave any information out. Answer all areas. Give plenty details!!!!!!!!!

Use queens. Jamaica. new York for the location
Local fast food places and gyms include
–Wendy’s, burger king, farmer’s market YMCA fitness center. Salad bar juice bar

The topic to be used is as follows:
Overweight and Obesity prevention of overweight and obesity through healthy nutrition and physical activity.

Write a narrative description of your field project by doing the following:
1. Describe the community where you performed your fieldwork by identifying each of the following items:
• geographical area (e.g

., county, city, town)
• area size
• population size
• demographics
• physical and social environment (use the windshield survey from (Reference paper)

See Below reference paper
Windshield Survey
The observation method used for the survey was; driving around the neighborhood, walking around and also use of Internet for aIDitional information. Most of the houses were before 1920 in the area and by the period of study, there were 847,706 housing units with 778,630 as home owners and the rest are renters with approximately 3 persons per household. Most of the Queens houses sell between $57,000 and $70,000 as it is among the well performing counties in New York where most of the Caucasians stay. Most of the housing units are apartment buildings but some are single family.
Problems identified

2. Discuss the health concern you studied in your fieldwork.
a. Provide background information in relation to Healthy People 2020 and local public health data that characterizes the health concern.
b. Provide data from national, state, and/or local levels related to the health concern.
3. Describe the target population affected by the health concern you studied in your fieldwork, including each of the following components:
• gender
• age
• demographics, including socioeconomic status and educational level
a. Explain how the health concern is linked to a health inequity/health disparity for the population of interest.
I. Provide specific data to support the health inequity/disparity conclusion.
4. Discuss the primary community resources and partners currently involved with the health concern.
a. Describe how your fieldwork interviews support your chosen health concern, including a summary of the interviews.
5. Discuss aspects of the population health concern not being aIDressed despite the efforts of the partners involved.

C. Outcomes Identification
1. Explain the desired outcome(s) or goal(s) for improvement related to the health concern.

— This outcome or goal should be in alignment with Healthy People 2020 objective.

D. Planning
1. Create a nursing action plan to aIDress the identified population health concern.
a. Recommend two population-focused specific objectives.

Note: The recommended objectives should be measurable ones.

b. Recommend two population-focused specific nursing interventions to improve the health concern.


2. Discuss potential public and private partnerships from your field experience that could be formed to implement your recommendations from parts D1a and D1b.

3. Create a specific timeline for your population-focused nursing interventions.

E. Evaluation
1. Explain how you would evaluate the effectiveness of the nursing action plan created in part D.
a. Identify the measurable tools necessary to perform the evaluation.

F. Conclusion
1. Reflect on how your perspective of the community’s health and the national, state, and local efforts toward a healthier population has changed as a result of your fieldwork.

G. Appendices
1. Include appendices if necessary (e.g., charts, graphs, copies of any surveys, maps).

H. When you use sources, include all in-text citations and references in APA format.

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