clinical practice guidelines – stroke

Topic: clinical practice guidelines – stroke

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Limit the words count to 1800. assignment will be attached and other document. nursing version needed to be done. At the end of assignment there is link to stroke foundation. To reference that guidelines the i think reference is on 3rd page. Australian based research. reference should not be more than 5 years. please see the attached image of critical appraisal guidelines. In that image you will see what is required. the idea of paragraph formation as follow
1. introduction (must define stroke)
2. 2-6 paragraphs please see image for 5 criteria evaluation. its not compulsory to make paragraph for every criteria.
3. 7-8 paragraph is for applicability of CPG on same image, can be of found on same link (stroke foundation) at end of assignment in Chapter 7.
4. 9-10 paragraphs barriers same image resource richardson.
This above mentioned are guidelines what is expected in assignment. please use this resources as priority.
a) Richardson-Tench, M., Taylor, B., Kermode, S., & Roberts, K. (2014). Inquiry in Healthcare (5th ed.). Melbourne: Cengage Learning.
b) stroke foundation.

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