Clinical Laboratory Program

Clinical Laboratory ProgramWhen I was growing up as young child, I had utter admiration for my uncle who worked at the Government Research Institute Laboratory. He used to have vast knowledge of information about fascinating medical theories. What made me interested with his career was when one day when my sister got sick from a skin disease, there was no doctor from the hospital who knew what type of disease she was suffering. My parents went to the all the dermatologists in the entire town trying to find a cure for my sister with no success. When my parents were almost giving up, my uncle came to visit us. He was so surprised to see that my sister was sick and nobody bothered to tell him so that he could offer his help. He took some samples and carried them with him to work. After a few days, he came back with some medicine for my sister to apply. In one week, the skin disease was completely gone.From that day, I started conducting research on the duties and all the work he did at the research institute. I found out that clinical laboratory science discipline was one of the most important sciences in the field of medicine. What angers me most is that people always look down on clinical laboratory science. They really do not know that medicine and other medical analysis take place in laboratories. In the laboratories, it is where the answers to the medical questions are answered. I continued with my research and I have realized that most hospitals depend on the laboratories to offer diagnosis or treatment to the patients who come in with strange diseases.Secondly, I have come to realize that the clinic laboratory scientists are the detectives of the medical field. For instance, my uncle took the sample so that he could investigate what disease was affecting my sister for the purposes of finding a cure. In this case, he did not get an answer until he went to the lab and started testing the sample. After one week, he was able to come up with a clear answer of what was affecting my sister. He was quick to aID that, the dermatologists did not send samples to the laboratories for investigation and thus lacked answers. This proves that the laboratory scientists are detectives of the medical field.Thirdly, laboratory scientists are the unsung heroes in the field of medicine. They are humble like the servants of God. A real hero does not go around showing people what he or she has done instead he or she lets the world see for themselves. For instances, when the laboratory scientists come up with the results of a patient, the doctor is able to diagnose and treat the patient based on the results. When the patient is cured, he or she will forever be grateful to the doctor who cured him or her. In this case, they do not realize that, the laboratory scientist who tested the samples and came up with the results is part of the curing process. In this case, I dream to become a person who heals people yet they do not know that I am part of the healing. I want to become a real hero. Therefore, I believe I am eligible for the clinical laboratory program.After what happened to my sister, several questions crossed my mind. What if my child was diagnosed with a rare disease? How many people in the world are suffering from strange diseases they are unable to explain? According to my research, there are many people who do not have access to laboratories. This means that they do not have examination and testing services. This has touched my heart. I believe with the knowledge from the Clinical Laboratory Program I can be able to answers medical question for may people and help them solve their problems.Finally, with all the above personal information of how I became interested in clinical laboratory, my courage and determination can be a testimony of how had I have worked to become a clinical laboratory scientist. When I was in high school I took, a part jobs at my uncle private laboratory for the purposes of enhancing my knowledge on the laboratory science field. In aIDition, working with an expert in the field made me realize that dedication; ethics and respect are part of the job. Therefore, I believe that with my short personal experience, it enough to prove that I really need to join the Clinical Laboratory Program.

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