Chemistry Essay Assignment


The point of this Assignment is to have you research one of the topics listed below and write an essay based on your research.   Please read the main instructions on the Essay in the Syllabus.  Here is the list of suggested Topics, but feel free to contact me if you find something you would rather write about:

1. Aristotle and his ideas of matter

2. Democritus – how did he come up with the idea of indivisible particles?  How does this idea still apply to modern view of the metter?

3. Antoine Lavoisier – experiments and the theory

4. John Dalton – what made his theories work

5. J. J. Thomson – making the electrons fly

6. Robert Millikan – all his contributions to science

7. Ernest Rutherford – a very empty atom?  Not      a likely story!

8. James Chadwick – the neutral particle – how did he discover it?

9. Niels Bohr – the atom and the solar system?

10. Erwin Schrödinger – why does hardly anyone understand his theory?

11. Dmitri Mendeleev vs. Lothar Meyer – who is the father of the periodic table

12. Wilhelm Roentgen – we still use his invention in so many ways


· Essay should be approximately two pages, and adequate to cover your topic.  Imagine writing a paper for a magazine, making sure to cover the topic so that your audience/readers can understand you.

· Reference ALL of your sources.

· Do not Copy/Paste your work, put your own ideas and research into it.