Undertake a targeted search to identify current best evidence

undertake a targeted search to identify current best evidence , justify that evidence ,critically appraise the research using an appropriate framework and evaluate how the research results fits with other sources of knowledge.

A written piece of 4000 words.

this equates to 75% of the total mark for this module. you must achieve 50% or above to pass.

Communication Styles and Conflict

 Module 02 Discussion – Communication Styles and Conflict

This module, we are discussing and learning about the communication cycle and communication styles. Communication is a vital component to delivering customer service in any profession, and there are numerous categories to labeling communication styles.

Using information from your assigned readings, online lectures, and from performing internet research on communication styles to determine your communication style.

After determining your communication style, discuss what your communication style is, how your communication style impacts the communication cycle, and how your communication style can lead to effective communication and conflict with patients and coworkers.